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Fever's offense explodes against the Dream 91-79

The Indiana Fever are on a bit of a winning streak, coming off a much-needed rest a couple of weeks ago. As it stands, if the playoffs started right now, the Fever would be in the eighth seed. Caitlin Clark has been on Rookie of the Year watch and has averaged around 16.3 points and 5.5 rebounds this season. Going into the game against the Dream, the Fever wanted to build off the momentum.

For the most part, the Fever controlled the pace for the first half. They scored 35 points in the first quarter, which marked the highest first quarter points they had this season. Indiana was just feeling it from the "money maker'' three-point line as they shot around 67% Kelsey Mitchell was having herself a half, dropping 14 points.

The Fever have seen the story of almost losing the game by being sloppy in the second half in their previous match-up and did not want that to happen again. After the Dream cut their lead to 10, Indiana closed out the third on a 13-2 run to expand their lead to 18. The fourth quarter, Indiana put their foot on the gas and gave the Dream a bottle to sleep with. Clark hit her teammates with some crisp passes and eventually went on to cruise to another victory. Clark and Mitchell combined for 34 points

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