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ESPN is having their best first quarter in five years

For the last few years, ESPN has been losing fans with the same old song and dance with debates about the Cowboys, LeBron James vs MJ,and or the best QB in the NFL. Well, after the new NFL playoff format and the bracket busters of March Madness, ESPN viewership has jumped to 40%, making it their best first quarter in five years.

Among prime time spots, viewership increased to an average of 2.68 M. Programs such as NBA Today, First Take, NFL Live, Get Up, Around the Horn, and Pardon the Interruption has increased its visibility among viewers and had their best first quarter in some time.

When the chips are down, ESPN has always found a way to bring more creative talent to the show or find ways to engage with their audience. Maybe they found a loophole in the Matrix, but ESPN is doing very well to start off 2022.

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