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ESPN and X Games put kindness on the spotlight for Bullying Prevention Month

Seattle- ESPN and X Games will be hosting a shred hate panel with a few X Games Olympians about the importance of being kind to each other and not bullying each other.

October is Bullying Prevention Month where individuals around the globe come together to talk about bullying, how it affects society, and how to stop people from getting bullied. Olympic and X Games medalists Gus Kenworthy, Mykel Larrin, and Jordyn Barrett will be the speakers on the panel.

“Being part of X Games’ ongoing bullying prevention initiative is extremely meaningful to me, so I am especially honored to be part of the first-ever X Games Shred Hate Day,” said five-time X Games medalist Gus Kenworthy. “It’s a lot harder to go through being bullied if you’re alone, so I encourage everyone to find an ally, and also be an advocate by taking the Shred Hate pledge to choose kindness and help the world become bully-free.”

The panel will begin October, 22 at 2 PM, ET. on the X Games Youtube Channel.

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