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Eagles want to keep a "Dog" mentality heading into a match-up with the 49ers

Philadelphia- After spanking the Atlanta falcons 32-6 in their season opener, the Eagles want to maintain that confidence they displayed on Sunday.

After having minimal snaps in the postseason, Jalen Hurts let his actions speak loud when it mattered. His passes were crisp, did not really force any balls in double coverage, and let the game come to him. Hurts finished with 264 yards and 3 touchdowns. Another player that was a key factor with the Eagles pulling out a victory was the rookie DeVanta Smith. Smith showed why players said he could be a potential threat down the field. Smith caught some balls for big gains down the field. The Falcons had no answer for him and he finished with six receptions for 71- yards.

By the end of the third quarter, you can tell the Eagles were brimming with confidence. Philadelphia put the Falcons out of their misery and ran away with the game. After the celebration of Nick Sirianni winning his first game as the head coach for the Eagles, he wanted them to keep that same confidence, hunger, and dog mentality against the 49ers this week.

It's the same thing here. We literally live in the moment of, ‘How are we going to get better today, how are we going to leave this building better today than we were yesterday?’ Well, if you're constantly thinking about the past or if you've got a big ego based off how you played and not thinking about that, you won't do that,"said Siranni.

"So, it's just me reminding them, but I think also they innately have this ability to do that, as well. We talk about it all the time. Players talk about it all the time. We got our shirts, we got our dog mentality shirts and so, that's just how we go about it."

The Eagles face a tougher opponent in the 49ers and will have to defend a hard stout team. If Hurts played locked in like he did against Atlanta, the Eagles could walk out with a victory.

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