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  • Eric Martinez

Eagles’ Offensive Coordinator Brian Johnson believes adjustments will lead to success

Competition has been the summary of the Philadelphia Eagles’ training camp. Head Coach Nick Sirianni believes different positions in camp have led to interesting competition. Offensive Coordinator, Brian Johnson was asked about the backup QB battle between Marcus Mariota and Tanner McKee during a recent press conference. “We are pleased with Tanner’s development, but as of now Mariota is our backup QB.” Johnson added, “It’s exciting when you get guys that have unique skill sets and you come out and you get a chance to try and do some different things and look at some different options of how guys operate and get going.” Brian Johnson reflects back to the 2022 training camp on when he noticed signs that Jalen Hurts would put things together to make a deep run for the Eagles.

“I think just him continually getting reps and understanding how we’re getting played as an offense, how he’s getting played as a quarterback, and just being able to adjust and get to our answers quickly, I think is something that’s been good so far and it stretched as far back as OTA’s prior to the 2022 season.”

Offensive weapons for the Eagles’ will ultimately shape the landscape of the offense. Coach Johnson understands how special wide receiver A.J. Brown is. “He’s one of the best in the world at what he does. Anytime that you have a player with his talent level, I think it makes everybody’s job a little bit more manageable for sure.” The depth at the running back position has the entire NFL defenses on high alert with how talented this group will be. Running back, Kenny Gainwell, will be a valued asset in this offense to say the least. “It’s been a very, very healthy competition. All those guys have unique skill sets. Each guy is capable of succeeding on necessary reps for us, and we look forward to it continuing the remainder of camp and leading into the regular season.” To add the balance of running backs, Rashaad Penny brings an element of speed that the Eagles will enjoy. For now, Brian Johnson understands the importance of health for Rashaad. “He’s done an unbelievable job of getting himself prepared each and every day, getting ready to go. I’m really looking forward to him continuing to be on the rise.”

Brian Johnson reiterated the importance of developing and staying consistent the remainder of camp including joint practices and the last preseason game before Week 1. “Overall, I think the thing you like to see is just clean operation and execution and guys playing really, really clean football. To me, that’s a big part of it, as well.”

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