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Eagles hold off Patriots' second half comeback 25-20

Jalen Hurts has taken over the world in one season, and it has gotten to the point that a lot of people felt like the Eagles were going to have a good season and could potentially go deep in the playoffs. A motivated Hurts had his first task of the season, going against a tough Bill Belichick team that wanted to spoil Philadelphia's momentum.

The Eagles' picked up right where they left off last season as they scored 16 points in a span of five minutes after scoring a field goal and turning two turnovers into golden points. The only flaw that Philadelphia had in the first quarter was a missed PAT. If you were a Philly fan, you have seen how conservative the Eagles can get when they have the lead last season. Nothing changed! Philadelphia had five possessions where they went off the field early on, after trying to establish the run. New England took advantage of the short field they were getting and tossed up two touchdowns late in the second quarter to make the game pretty interesting at the end of the half, 16-14 in favor of the Eagles.

Philadelphia wanted to get their offense back in sync and that's what they did in the second half. Hurts finally air some deep balls to DeVonta Smith and AJ Brown, which put them in the redzone, but they could not punch the ball in the endzone. Philly had to set for three field goals in two quaters.

Things got a bit testy for the Eagles late in the game as they were clinging onto a five-point lead with only three minutes left in the game. All the Eagles had to do was get a couple of first downs to put the ice on the game and send the Patriots' home with a loss. On a keeper, Hurts fumbled the ball and gave New England a chance to kill the game with a touchdown. Phillediphia's defense did their job by stopping New England from converting the fourth and long and walked away with their first victory of the season.

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