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Eagles escapes with a W over Washington in OT 34-31

The Eagles' offense hasn't looked up to par in the last three games, but they felt like they could get something going against Washington this week. Believe it or not, Philadelphia was the underdog in this matchup, which added a little fuel to this rivalry.

The shocking thing in this game was the way the Washington was not scared to sling the ball down the field, which caught Philadelphia off guard in the first half. They allowed Washington to have a total of 192 yards at the half. While their defense had trouble stopping Washington, their offense was very bland and stale. Philadelphia only had 26 yards on the ground, yes you read that right. D'Andre Swift was not used much in the second quarter, because the Eagles trailed 17-7. Right at the end of the half, Philly closed the gap with a field goal to make it a one possession game,

Coming out of the locker room, the Eagles wanted to get back to running the ball effectively in the second half and that is what they attempted to do. Swift had some big plays that opened up the offense a bit. Jalen Hurts hit AJ Brown for a 54-yard touchdown bomb to take their first lead of the day. Things got interesting late in the fourth. In a tied game, the Eagles had a couple of stalled drives that had a bit of potential to be scoring drives, but the play calling was a bit conservative. On their potential game winning drive, Hurts hit Brown for a 30-yard td, but Brown was hit with a taunting penalty, which can back to hunt Philadelphia. Washington marched down the field and scored a touchdown to force OT. The Eagles on their second possession, got a go ahead win with a Jake Elliott field goal.


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