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Eagles drop their third consecutive game

Philadelphia- After a 42-30 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, is it time to hit the panic button in Philly.

With the Eagles in a two game slump, they needed something to feel good about. Heading into a match-up with the Chiefs on Sunday, all week long, coaches kept telling their players keep improving and everything will happen. Time would only tell, if that remained true.

Philadelphia opened up the game with an opening field goal, but the score came with a cost. Attempting to go for it on a fourth and short, the Eagles were forced to take a timeout, because the play-clock was about to hit zero. The Eagles' lead was very short lived, as the Chiefs marched down the field and scored a touchdown in a blur, 7-3. Philadelphia was matching the Chiefs' fly and on their second drive, Zach Ertz found his way to the endzone on a two-yard touchdown catch to help the Eagles regain the lead, 10-7.

The second quarter was a back and forth offensive explosion. After the Chiefs scored their second touchdown of the day, the Eagles answered right back with a field goal of their own to stay within striking distance, 14-13. Philadelphia's defense could not get any pressure on Patrick Mahomes towards the end of the first half and he made them pay. Mahomes threw his third touchdown and left .40 seconds left in the half. it seemed like the Eagles were going to put more points on the scoreboard, getting into field goal position, however the Chiefs caused a fumble to end the half.

The halftime score was 21-13, in favor of the Chiefs.

Philadelphia's offense was on fire scoring touchdowns left and right in the second half, but too much Mahomes' magic. The Eagles' secondary was lit up by the Chiefs and could not get them off the field on third down conversions. Philly went on to drop their third consecutive game.

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