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Eagles DC loves the energy that Brandon Graham brings each and every down on the field

Philadelphia- Eagles veteran Brandon Graham has always been an energetic workaholic and his defensive coordinator Jonathan Gannon loves that about him.

In the first few practices that the Eagles have had Graham has been everywhere on the field.His voice could be heard, barking out assignments to the younger players, talking to coaches on what he needs to improve on, and a little trash talking with his teammates on the offensive side of the ball. In his 12th year, Graham understands what it takes to get back to the Super Bowl and it starts with leading by example.

Graham and his teammates wants the defense to do better, Last season, the Eagles' defense was ranked 20th in the league and have a lot of mistakes that cost them close games. Even before the start of the season, Graham is making everyone aware of their mistakes and has helped the younger players adjust their game.

During a press conference, earlier this week, Graham's DC gave him a lot of praise. "Grahams been a joy to be around. He's one of those guys, as a vet, that's played at a high level that you want on your defense. His energy is infectious, and it bleeds into the whole room. That whole room does a really good job with their energy, as you guys see that."

Even though its just another practice, the Eagles are working out their kinks and want this year to be a special one.

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