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Eagles avoid late Giants comeback to give their fans a Christmas cheer

Philadelphia needed some Christmas spirit, a couple of wins and another Cowboys loss to lock up the division, but once again they found themselves in a near scare. For the most part, the Eagles held down the fort, but things took to the worst in the third quarter. Turnovers have plaque Philly all season long and Jalen Hurts threw a crucial pick six to give the Giants hope. New York took the turnover and scored a touchdown and a two-point conversion to make Eagles' fans sweat.

At one point, the Eagles 'fans were holding their breaths, because the Giants made it a two-point game, but AJ Brown and D'Andre Swift made some big plays in the fourth to put their team in scoring position. Philadelphia scored 10 points in the quarter, but that wasn't enough. Like previous weeks, the Eagles had to rely on their defense to make a stop to escape with a victory. With three seconds left in regulation, the Eagles saved the day with a pick in the endzone to escape with a 33-25 victory.


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