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Deandre Ayton slams down a win for the Suns at the end of regulation 104-103

Phoenix, AZ- The Phoenix Suns shocked the Los Angeles Clippers at the end of regulation to go up 2-0 in the series.

Despite Cameron Payne having the game off his life with 29 points and 9 boards, it wasn't enough to ward off the Clippers. After having the Clippers down by 10 with under five minutes left in regulation, the Suns got a little sloppy and LA took advantage of it.LA went on a 10-2 run started by Paul George.

Things got interesting in the last 1:45 of the game. LA was sloppy on an inbound pass. One of the Clippers' players was not looking when George threw the ball to him, however a Suns' player touched the ball last and the Clippers went on to score a much needed basket to take the lead. Back and forth both teams went, scoring crucial shots down the stretch.

After the Suns' fouled George with 10.2 seconds left in the game, it looked like the game was going to be iced or at least the Suns would had to shoot a three to tie the game up. Paul missed both the free throws, which opened up the door for Phoenix.

After missing a wide-open three pointer and a scurry to get the ball before it hit the baseline, Phoenix got another chance to seal the deal after the referees said the Clippers touched the ball last. That was all the Suns needed. On an inbound pass, Deandre Ayton went up over the defender to dunk the ball with 0.9 seconds left to secure a win for the scrappy Suns and to send the Clippers back home with their heads hanging low.

Ayton finished with 24 points and 14 rebounds.

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