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Dame said it was Dame time as he wins MVP for All-Star Game

The NBA All-Star weekend, starting out icing the cold weather with all their events leading up to the dunk contest, but turned colder than Minnesota in the winter, as the dunk contest fell flat on its face with boring dunks and some insensitive comments made by Kenny Smith about Sabrina Ionescu. Going into Sunday, basketball fans hoped that the game would be competitive and fun without the insensitivity.

For the first in seven years, the AllStar game went back to its original format as East vs. West, Before the tipoff, Reggie Miller had a prediction that Tyrese Haliburton was going to go for MVP and boy was he correct. Haliburton was hotter than a Cowboys' fan losing in the playoffs in the first five minutes of the game. He had 15 points in a two-minute span to get the crowd on its feet. I guess Dame Lillard was like hold my beer and watch this Haliburton. Dame was on demon time throughout the second quarter and finished the half with 22 points. If you were a fan that wanted dunks, this was not the case, both teams were taking more three-point shots than anything else. At the half, the East were up 104-89.

I don't know if the West got the memo that they were playing a game, but the West had really no answer for the three-point shooters of the East. Dame, Haliburton, and JT was just playing around the world from the behind the arc, while the West was forced to respond to the three-point contest. At the end of the game the East broke a historical record in the All-Star game scoring 211-186. Dame won the Kobe Bryant MVP All-Star game.


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