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  • Tiffany Smith

Dallas brought their D with them when they played the Bears

The Cowboys' defense, led by Micah Pearson had a huge day against the Bears. They dealt with difficulties for the first seven weeks of the season, but their defense has won them games.

Prescott scored the game's first touchdown, which was also his 26th rushing score which led to 16 of 20 throws that were successfully completed for 180 yards, two passing touchdowns, and one interception Tony Pollard added to this elite victory with two tackles, a recovery of the ball, and one touchdown for the big fella, Pearson's performance in this game has been astounding, ranking second in scoring defense and first in sacks this season, the Cowboys boast one of the top defenses in the NFL. The Bears offense and Fields are being put under extreme strain. In order to keep Chicago in the game, Herbert got what initially seemed to be a 3rd fumble overruled on review. He completed the game with 99 yards and a touchdown. Montgomery contributed 53, and Fields added 60. yards on the ground, one touchdown running and two through the air.

With the defense's support and their powerful offensive play, the Cowboys defeated the Chicago Bears 49-29. Following their bye week, the Cowboys will play the Packers on November 13 at 4:25 PM (est) on Fox in Week 10.

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