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Cowboys scrap out a victory over the Chargers 20-17

Dallas- The Cowboys get their first victory of the season in a nail-biter over the Chargers.

After losing their season opener to the Tampa Bay Bucs in a thriller to start the NFL season, Dak Prescott and the Cowboys wanted to get their first win against a young and hungry Chargers team.

On their opening drive, the Cowboys went into their bag and marched down the field on a 15 play drive, which resulted in a touchdown. Scoring on their opening drive broke a curse of 21 games of not putting up points on their first drive. After the score, Dallas got a huge lift form their defense as Trevon Diggs picked off Justin Herbert. You would think Dallas would put more points on the board with the pick, but they gave it right back to the Chargers after Prescott threw a pick.

A couple possessions later, Ezekiel Elliott rolled into the endzone to extend the Cowboys' lead 14-3. Early in the second, the Cowboys' secondary had some miss assignments and Herbet took advantage of it. He threw a touchdown pass to help his team get back in the game and converted on a two-point conversion to dismantle the Cowboys' lead, 14-11. Despite having an early lead, the Cowboys was clinging onto a three point lead heading into the locker room, 14-11. Here is a fun fact! This was the first time in NFL history that a halftime score was 14-11.

Penalties cost the Cowboys momentum in the second half. Each time it looked like the Cowboys had a productive drive going, they would shoot themselves in the foot. Once a potent offense looked more of a struggling offense as Prescott was getting pressured each snap.

With under four minutes left and a tie game, the Cowboys had a chance to end the game with a game winning drive. Prescott drove his team down the field and got his team in field goal position. Greg Zuerlein won the game with a 56-yard field goal game.


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