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Costly turnovers killed a potential win for the Sea Dragons

Seattle- The Sea Dragons are shocked in home opening loss to the St. Louis Battlehawks, 22-18

After making an unfortunate splash in their debut, the Sea Dragons look to get their first win in their home opener against the St. Louis BattleHawks. In a very defensive battle between the teams, the Dragons stung first with a field goal to get on the board. At the start of the second, Seattle's offense started rolling. Pearson takes it to the house on a 51-yard bomb, and Josh Gordon caught the three- point conversion to go up 12-0. It seemed like the Dragons was running away with the game, but St. Louis made the game pretty competitive late in the second quarter. They scored a touchdown and capped off the drive with a 2-point conversion, cutting the lead down to one possession at the end of the half.

Things started spiraling downhill for Seattle in the second half. The offense got pretty stagnant and could not convert on third downs, as well as turning the ball over. Seattle turned the ball over three times and gave life to St. Louis. St. Louis scored points off of two turnovers. Let's take it it to the fourth quarter, where turnovers caught up with the Sea Dragons. Holding onto their breath, Seattle's defense struggled to get any stops down the stretch, which hurt them. St. Louis ran the ball effectively and kicked a game winning field goal to shock the Sea Dragons, 22-18

Seattle is now 0-2 and this is what DiNucci had to say about the two losses. “It’s tough,” said DiNucci, who finished19 of 29 passes for 196 yards and two touchdowns, and had a costly fumble. “I’m kind of at a loss for words when you play two games in a few days and both games come down to the last play and they don’t end in your favor. So we’ve got to figure it out.”

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