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Corey Clement wins NFLPA community MVP

Philadelphia- Corey Clement has been recognized by the NFLPA for helping out the youth in a writing contest to resolve bullying.

Bullying is one of the main concerns in America and Eagles running back Corey Clement attacked the issue at hand by being creative. Clement put together a writing content for certain students to resolve bullying. The winner will get their book published and win $500.

“It is a true honor to be named the NFLPA Community MVP,” the Philadelphia Eagles running back said. “As an NFL player, I have the opportunity to bring attention to the causes most important to me , literacy, anti-bullying and music education. I feel that it is important to support grassroots non-profits that are led by Black leaders.”

Clement has been very active in his community with bringing awareness to bullying.He wants the youth to speak out about their experience and find different methods to decrease bullying.

"My activism, along with community support, allows me to become more of an effective link in the chain of change,” said Clement.

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