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Connor Williams decided to suit up for Miami's training camp despite ongoing deal

Miami Dolphins offensive lineman Connor Williams was seen practicing this week. When asked about his contract status, he had this to say about the conflict. “I’m head down and focused out here. Everything upstairs, agents can talk. I’m working on me and focusing on me right now, focusing on my craft.”

Williams was a huge force for the Dolphins last season, but he felt like this season he wanted to solidify his dominance at that position. He talked about adjustments that he has to make on the fly, as well as his blocking technique. Williams kept repeating that he has to make adjustments and he is ready for the upcoming season.

“I think the scope as a whole. At this level, it comes down to the inches. It comes down to the detail. It comes down to preparation. Just being able to perfect your craft in every minute level helps you elevate your game.” With training camp underway, it would be pretty interesting to see if the Dolphins and Williams' agents could get the deal right before the season starts.

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