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  • Eric Martinez

Congressman Matt Gaetz joined CNN NewsNight with Abby Phillips

Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL) joined CNN NewsNight with Abby Phillips to share thoughts on the possibility of a government shutdown or not.  In addition, questions in regards to why he is voting no to Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson’s funding plan and the response to Kevin McCarthy’s recent comments.  When asked about losing confidence in his pick for the speaker, Mike Johnson, Congressman Matt Gaetz answered, “I’m not. 

I understand Mike Johnson is looking for about 75 days of breathing room here.  I don’t think that we made the right choices.  The country is with us on the border, 75 percent of the country believes Washington spends too much money.  I think that we should’ve chosen one of those high hills to fight on.” Abby Phillips went on to ask engaging questions, and ended asking “What is your red line for the current speaker? Is there anything that he can do that would cause him to lose your confidence?”  Congressman Gaetz went on to answer, “He’s got to release the January 6th tapes.  He said that it will be coming out in tranches.  I know him to be a man of his word.  I expect him to do that.  It was the only promise he made other than a desire to get back to our single subject spending bills, and he’s got to do that, and I think he will.”      

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