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Concerns for the Lakers after dropping Game 2, 108-103

After having a 40 point night in Game 1, Anothony Davis was not effective enough in Game 2. He had a quiet 18 points and 14 rebounds to finish off the night.

For three quarters, the Lakers with their pesky defense, played a very decent game. They held Nikola Jokic to 23 points and looked like they were going to escape with a win. However, "Bubble" Jamal Murray decided to take form and morphed into a superhuman. Murray was hitting everything and there wasn't anything that the Lakers could do to stop him. They threw everything at him, but Murray was cooking and helped the Nuggets secure another win at home Murray finished with 37 points, 10 rebounds and 5 assists.

The Lakers have some big shoes to fill if they are going to make this series competitive. Davis has to be the aggressor on both sides of the floor. Throughout his entire career, you never know what Davis will show up. His inconsistency has limited what LA wanted to do in Game 2. Davis needs to help out the older LeBron James. Speaking about James, James had some costly turnovers, as well as questionable shot selections down the stretch. Instead of jacking up three-point shots after a mini run by Denver, get back to your niche. The Lakers identity all season long has been their ability to get great shot selections by pushing the ball up the floor, before the defense has a chance to get in their sets. They need to get out and run, instead of playing "hero' ball.

Another concern for LA is their productivity with D'Angelo Russell. Russell has been a great pick up for the Lakers after the trade, but in this series thus far, he has not contributed in a major way. He has combined for 18 points in both games and has been a liability on the defensive end. D-Lo needs to get his head in the game and start to push the pace of the game. LeBron can only do so much and you can tell that father time is starting to knock at the King's door. Russell needs to take some of the offensive load off of James and start attacking Denver. He can get to the cup anytime he wants, but as of late he has settled for contestant three-point shots.

Last but not least, the Lakers have to do a better job with rebounding. Denver had a total of 11 second chance opportunities on the glass, compared to the Lakers four. All that means is, the Lakers have to find out a way to box and crowd the glass. If they do not improve any of these concerns, the Lakers might as well get their popcorn ready to watch another team win the finals, because it will not be them.

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