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Concern for the Lakers, as they were blown out by the Rockets, 113-97

Orlando- The second unit for the Los Angeles Lakers could not stop the Houston Rockets, as the Lakers fell 113-97.

The question remains after the Lakers lost another game in the bubble; who will the Lakers go-to for scoring to help out Anthony Davis and LeBron James deep into the playoffs? Kyle Kuzma has had good games in the bubble, but he has been inconsistent in stretches. Kyle is still trying to figure out his role as the third scorer on the team. At times, he is hesitant with shooting the ball or attacking the basket when A.D. and James are on the floor. When James and A.D. is off the floor, you tend to see Kuzma be more aggressive with pushing the ball down the court, defending well on the perimeter, and being a key factor with giving that energy and spark that the Lakers need.

Outside of an inconsistent Kuzma, there has not been another player that has impact the Lakers' bench. Danny Green has not shot the ball well and has disappeared at times on the defensive end. In the first half of the season, Green was lighting up opponents from behind the arc and played good defense on defenders. However, he has been inconsistent and continues to struggle from the three-point arc. Dion Waiters could be a key scorer for the second unit. Even though he has been with the Lakers for a short period of time, he is starting to gain his confidence. He has hit some big shots for the Lakers in previous games, but the chemistry between the Lakers' second unit is off. Waiters can be a factor in getting the team deep into the playoffs, but he and Kuzma have to be the leaders of the team.

The once, favorite Lakers to go to the NBA Finals, look mortal and needs some type of production from their bench to get passed teams like the Rockets, Denver, and the Clippers. Time will tell if the Lakers can make adjustments and make the push towards their goals of a championship.

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