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  • Chappell Wilson

Commander's new ownership and company are off and rolling early in free agency.

The Washington fan base looked forward to this upcoming offseason more than any of the previous seasons in quite some time, thanks to the new owner, Josh Harris, and his newly acquired staff. The franchise cleaned house and made all of the necessary changes to get rid of the negative perception that was rightfully placed on the franchise. The firing of Head Coach Ron Rivera left a hole to be filled, but luckily Washington was looked at as an amazing opportunity for any coach thanks to the new front office and ownership. When coaches started getting hired, the options for the commanders were dwindling, and it left the fans wondering who the team's next coach would be.

On Saturday, December 30th, Washington officially announced the hiring of former Cowboys defensive coordinator Dan Quinn. The hire was quickly questioned by the media and the fans, but Washington did not want to hire a first-time head coach because they already hired a first-time general manager in Adam Peters.

The hire of Quinn disappointed many fans, but so far this offseason, the management seems to be making terrific moves to change the team’s fortunes. Washington started out with a quiet but yet effective move by signing veteran tight end Zach Ertz to a one-year, $5 million deal. The signing was great because Ertz is on a prove-it types of deal due to him not playing since October because of injury, which made room for Washington to release tight end Logan Thomas and clear $6 million in cap space.

On Monday, all of the running backs seemed to be jumping off the board and getting big-time deals for over 10 million dollars a year. The Eagles and Packers wasted no time, as they got the top two sought-after rushers in free agency, but it cost them a pretty penny. The Washington front office promised they wouldn’t make similar mistakes as the previous regime had, and a lot of those mistakes were overspending. The Commanders dove headfirst into the running back game, but they did it smartly by signing one of the league’s best duel threat backs, Austin Ekeler, for only 11.43 million over 2 years. Ekeler has had over 1,000 all-purpose yards for the last three seasons, and he did so on a team that was very pass heavy.

The Commanders had the sixth worst rushing offense in the league last season, but they look to improve on that performance, and the signing of Ekeler was a start. Everyone should be expecting Washington to make moves to help improve their defense, especially their linebackers. The Commanders have a long offseason ahead of them, and we will all see if this franchise is taking the right steps to rebuild.

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