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  • Eric Robinson

Clippers let a second half comeback slip away late

Los Angeles fell behind early to a defensive minded Memphis squad, but pulled out gutty 2nd half run which eventually tied the score in the 4th qtr. while providing non-stop excitement for the Clipper faithful.  The four headed monsters' in (Harden, Leonard, George, & Westbrook) led by Paul George (26 pts.) all scored double figure points.  Harden, in his home debut, was nearly the hero.  He avoided a late game disastrous turnover, by tipping the ball to himself and hitting a crucial 3, tying the game at 98.  Unfortunately for the Clippers, The Grizzly Defense returned to its early form, in time for Memphis to hold off the Charging Clippers.  

Marcus Smart,anchored the ferocious Grizzly Defense.  Smart, recently acquired from Boston, brings the much needed veteran leadership to Memphis, which is much missed around the NBA. When asked, would Smart's veteran leadership make a substantial impact on players who are not currently on the team, once your full roster is intact?   Coach Jenkins stated that Smarts presence and leadership is making a cultural change within the organization.  Marcus Smart scored 17 points, had 7 assists and 3 rebounds in 36 minutes, accompanied by leading scorer  D. Bane's 27 points which helpee Memphis to a 105 - 101 victory over the Los Angeles Clippers

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