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Ciara and Russell Wilson start new school in Washington State

Seattle- Ciara and Russell Wilson is excited about opening their new school called Why Not Academy.

Over the course of the years, the Wilsons have encouraged individuals to follow their dreams and never let anyone discourage you from making it happen. It started out as a saying, "Why Not Me" and turned into a purpose for the couple.

On Friday, Ciara announced on Instagram that they will be building a school in Des Moines, Washington. The school will be opened next year and will give underserved students a chance to make their goals happen. "

We are so proud to be opening our first @wnyacademy in Washington State!!! Opening Fall 2021, this tuition-free charter public school will open its doors to increase access to high-quality education for systematically underserved students", said Wilson.

"This school is a longtime dream of ours and it was important for us to find a way to combine traditional classroom learning with community and mentorship-based activities, in order to prepare kids for the real world. Why Not You is based on the idea that it can start with one, and our hope is that this school will be the first of many."

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