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Chloe Zhao breaks history at the Golden Globe Awards

Los Angeles- Chloe Zhao, who is the director of Nomadland breaks history with becoming the first Asian woman to win a globe for Best Director.

Zhao, who was an underdog in the best director category was blown away when she was announced the winner for Best Director in a Motion Picture. For a few seconds, Zhao was speechless and finally gathered her thoughts to say this.

"This award belongs to the whole Nomadland team, the entire cast and crew," Zhao said "You all know who you are." "I especially want to thank the nomads who shared their stories with us," she continued, going on to share a quote from one about compassion: "compassion is the breakdown of all barriers between us. A heart-to-heart bonding. Your pain is my pain. It's mingled and shared between us."

"Now this is why I fell in love with making movies and telling stories. Because it gives us a chance to laugh and cry together. It gives us to learn from each other and have more compassion for each other."

For the first time since 1983 when Barbra Streisand won Best Director, Zhao was the second woman ever who won Best Director.

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