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Chiefs win in dramatic fashion against the Chargers in OT 34-28

Kansas- The Christmas magic of the Chiefs was on full display against the Chargers.

This Thursday Night Football match-up between the Chiefs and Chargers was a fan's offensive dream. Riding a six game win streak and becoming the team that everyone feared, Kansas City jumped out to a 10 point lead early on. It looked like the Chiefs had LA's number, but young Justin Herbert marched his team down on back to back possessions and scored two touchdowns. Before the end of the half, Patrick Mahomes fumbled the ball and the Chargers recovered it. On a fourth and goal with three ticks left in the second quarter, Kansas City's defense got a huge stop and walk into the locker room only down, 14-10.

Kansas opened up the second with a field goal to inch closer with retaking the lead. After another stoppage on fourth and short, the Chiefs took the great field position and marched down the field. After a beautiful one handed grab by Tyeek Hill, the Chiefs went for it on a fourth and goal and did not convert the down. You would think both teams would kick a field goal to either take the lead or cut the lead. Once again, the Chiefs' defense caused problems for the Chargers. On third and goal, the Chiefs forced a fumbled and recovered the ball. Welp, the turnover was all for nothing, because Mahomes threw a pick on the ensuing drive. A play later, the Chargers scored a touchdown to extend their lead 21-13.

The Chiefs answered the touchdown with a Mahomes to Hill connection to make it a two point game. Kansas City went for two and convert the down to tie the game up. It seemed like both defenses were tired and both teams combined for 14 points in a five minute span. With under a minute left, the Chargers had the chance to end the game with a field goal, but the Chiefs' defense held their own and forced overtime.

Travis Kelce won the game for the Chiefs with a 37-yard rumble to the endzone to send the Chargers packing.

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