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Chiefs unveil new program to help inspire change in the community

Kansas City- The Chiefs have started a new program called Kingdom United, which was inspired to start change in the Kansas City community.

Kingdom Unity is a program that will help promote diversity and inclusion with the youth. The program will educated the youth of the importance of being united, teach them how to love each other, and give them resources to help excel in the world. The program will start Friday and five different schools will use it to help their students out.

"When we first started this season, we wanted to dedicate time and energy into social justice initiatives and ending systemic racism. The Kingdom United education program goes to the root of the issue and begins to teach kids from a young age about equality and diversity. Spring Hill Elementary is where I went to school, and I wouldn’t be where I’m at without the education I received there. That’s why it was a no brainer for me to adopt them and bring the Kingdom United program to every single kid in that school,” Chiefs DE Alex Okafor said.

"My hope for these kids is not only for them to understand the importance of diversity and inclusion but to also be the pioneers to a generation that actively stands up for prejudices and injustices that affect the people that don’t look like them.”

There are the schools that will be involved with the program; Whittier Elementary in Kansas City, Missouri, University Academy in Kansas City, Missouri, Wolf Springs Elementary in Overland Park, Kansas, Hillcrest Elementary in Lawrence, Kansas and Spring Hill Elementary in Pflugerville, Texas.

Each of these schools are required to participate in 30 minutes per month to teach the youth about diversity and inclusion.

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