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Chiefs struggle against the Titans 27-3

Kansas- The Chiefs' defense struggled to stop the Titans in a loss.

After having a rocky start in the last three games, the Chiefs looked like they were human and beatable. Patrick Mahomes and crew all season long heard that they were playing too cute, instead of just playing ball. Costly turnovers have cursed this potent offense and they wanted to get back to playing "Chiefs" football. In a match-up with the Titans. Their run defense would have to stop "King" Henry from gashing them for huge yards on the ground, which would be a huge challenge for them.

That challenge of stopping Henry was a myth. The Chiefs could not stop the Titans on their opening drive and Henry did the unthinkable. On a first and goal, Henry threw a six-yard touchdown pass to MyCole Pruitt to open up the game with points on the scoreboard. In a blink of ones' eyes, the Chiefs looked up and saw themselves down by 14, as AJ Brown celebrated a 24-yard touchdown catch. For some strange reason, the Chiefs on both sides of the ball looked shell-shocked and had no answer to what was going on with them.

The Chiefs walked into the half with a donut and 67 yards of total offense, 27-0.

Kansas City finally put some type of a confidence boost on the board, as they hit a field goal to open up the second half, 27-3. The Chiefs' defense finally caught Ryan Tannehill slipping. On a third and short Tannehill overthrew his receiver and a pick landed right in the hands of Kansas City late in the third. After a bullets of penalties that pushed the Chiefs back, they attempted to try a 53-yard field goal, which went wide left. The blue and white decided to bleed the clock on the ground and once the Chiefs left the stadium with another loss.


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