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Chiefs organization will host drive through baby showers for military mothers

Kansas City- The women foundation for the Chiefs have partnered with Operation shower to host drive through baby showers for expecting military mothers.

For the third consecutive year the Chiefs' Women Foundation partners up with operation shower to throw a baby shower for active mothers in the military, spouses of the military, deployed and active duty service member from area bases. The foundation understands that it can be hard on a mother to experience child birth by herself and they wanted to let mothers know that they are not by themselves.

There will be a total of 25 moms coming from Fort Riley, Whiteman Air Force Base, McConnell Air Force Base and Fort Leavenworth.They will receive one of Operation Shower’s “Shower In A Box” gift set.

“For military moms who are expecting a baby and whose partners are deployed or soon to be deployed, the impending arrival of a child can be both exciting and stressful in the best of circumstances,” Operation Shower Founder and Chief Shower Officer LeAnn Morrissey said.

“Compounding these challenges are the isolation and uncertainty caused by the coronavirus, which puts expectant moms at a disproportionate risk. For this reason, we felt it was especially important to continue our tradition of showering these moms in a safe manner to let them know how much we appreciate everything they and their families do on behalf of our country.”

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