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Chiefs cuts the Jets' fuel, 35-9

Kansas City- The Chiefs continue their winning streak, as they defeated the Jets, 35-9.

Patrick Mahomes came out the gate firing on all cylinders against the New York Jets in the first half. He was making plays with his feet and threw three touchdown strikes in the first half. On the ground, the Chiefs struggled a bit, as Clyde Edwards-Helaire and Le'Veon Bell combined for only 11 yards in the half. The Chiefs defense held the Jets in check, as they only gave up three field goals. At the end of the half, the Chiefs had a 21-9 lead.

The Chiefs' defense stiffened in the second half. They pressured Jets QB Sam Darnold and did not allow him to step into throws. Kansas City tacked on another score late into the third quarter, as Mahomes hit Demarcus Robinson in stride for a 26-yard touchdown pass and catch.

A few plays later, Mahomes iced the game with his fifth touchdown pass of the day to Tyreek Hil to finish out the Jets 35-9.

Mahomes finished the game with 416 yards and 5 touchdowns.


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