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  • Anthony Morrow

Chiefs celebrate their Super Bowl rings

The celebration continues for the Kansas City Chiefs as they celebrate their 2022 crown achievement winning Superbowl LVII. In collaboration with the Jostens, Kansas City Chiefs ownership, and players the championship rings were constructed to commemorate the history of the franchises division titles and world championships. A very detailed 10-karat white and gold ring with custom cut rubies and diamonds surrounding the chief's logo pays homage to the journey of the franchise dating back to 1962 when the team was formerly known as the Dallas Texans.

The now three-time world champion Kansas City Chiefs who defeated the Philadelphia Eagles in super bowl LVII continued their great relationship with the Jostens to create a beautiful representation of the three world titles, 13 AFC west titles, including 7 straight dating back to 2016, and 50 years at Arrowhead stadium. The chief's organization and Jostens included a fan collection in appreciation to their support offering a selection of personalized championship collectables to celebrate the journey with the franchise.

The Jostens company, which was founded in 1897 creates a range of products including yearbooks, publications, jewelry, and other goods that serve students and faculty from K-12 along with collegiate and professional sports programs. The Jostens have created not only the Chiefs 2022 championship rings but also their 2019 and 1969 world title rings and their commemorative 2020 AFC championship ring.

“Winning a Super Bowl is the crowning achievement for an NFL club, and the championship ring is the ultimate symbol of the hard work, dedication, and sacrifice that it takes from everyone in the organization to reach this pinnacle” said Chiefs President Mark Donovan.

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