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Chase for No:1 spot for WNBA playoffs has gotten tighter

Seattle- After the Seattle Storm and Las Vegas Aces dropped both of their games on Tuesday, the Connecticut Sun takes hold of first place.

With only a handful of games left, the race for seedings has been very tight. The Sun, Aces, and Storm are all battling for that number one spot, while the other WNBA teams are trying to hold onto their seeding. After defeating the Aces 76-62, the Sun bounced the Aces onto the second place chair, while the Storm lost a crucial game to the Lynx in right now face a third seed.

The Aces are only a half game back from the Sun, while the Storm are a game back from first. With only six games left, the race for first will be something to watch out for.

WNBA Standings

1. Sun

2. Aces

3. Storm

4. Lynx

5. Mercury

6. Sky

7. Liberty

8. Wings

9. Sparks

10. Mystics


12. Fever

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