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Chargers' second half concerns continue in a loss to the Chiefs 31-17

If you are a Chargers' fan, you are probably tired of the Chargers' lack of efficiency in the second half of game. Against the Chiefs, they had Patrick Mahomes and crew on their heels, but could not capitalize off a big turnover and chances down the field.

We know that Justin Herbert has a big cannon throwing the ball down the field, but some of the calls late in the fourth quarter were pretty much conservative. After scoring 17 points in a shootout in the first half, LA was held scoreless in the second half. They had their chances but could not convert on third downs. The Chargers had a total of six third down conversions in the game. Turnovers, but the Chargers once again in a shaded area, because Herbert threw two picks along with 1 touchdown for 259 yards for the day.

While everyone might be a lot skeptical and judgmental on the offensive side of things, the defense allowed Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce to talk shop and eat in their parking lot. Mahomes threw for 424 yards, 4 touchdowns, and 1 pick, while Kelce finished with 12 receptions for 179 yards. The biggest concern with stopping Kelce was the number of yards that the Chargers gave up. They allowed almost 14.2 yards per catch to Kelce. That is insane! in itself. After this loss, the Chargers have to find some way to hold their water and not allow offenses to mark their land. They need to get back to putting pressure on quarterbacks' and not allowing them to have a walk in the park in the pocket.

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