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Canelo Alvarez gets the TKO against Avni Yildirim at the start of the fourth round

Miami, FL- Super Middle Weight Champion Canelo Alvarez dominated Avni Yildirim from start to finish and added another TKO under his resume.

Just coming off a victory in December of last year, Alvarez decided that he was going to push his body and fight four times a year. Which is rarely heard of for a household name boxer. Prior to the fight, Yildirim told reporters that he was going to make Alvarez fight differently this fight and he would push the fight.

After all of the talking was said and done, the fight started and it was a one sided fight. Alvarez was connecting with his jabs, hooks, and power shots and was walking down Yildirim. With under two minutes left in the third round, Alvarez hit Yildrim with a couple of upper cuts that did some damage to Yildirim's face. Yildirim's corner was screaming at their boxer to fight back and stop taking unnecessary hits to the face.

Yildirim did not listen and by the end of the third round, his corner was asking him to fight back or either they will throw the towel. At the start of the fourth, Yildirim and his corner decided that they will not fight on and Alvarez went on to win.

After the fight was over, Alvarez decided that he wanted to set up a fight May 8, 2021 to fight Billy Joe Saunders. "Saunders is a very difficult fighter and he has the championship, the WBO. We want to unify," Alvarez said.


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