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Bucs' offense shut down by Saints 38-3

Tampa Bay- Bucs offense did not show up against the New Orleans Saints, as they were defeated 38-3.

The Bus' high flying offense was shut down in the first half by the Saints. In the first quarter, the Bucs had trouble catching the ball, as well as converting on third downs. Tampa Bay did not convert any third downs in the quarter. Outside of their problems on the offensive end, the Bucs could not stop the Saints. Tampa Bay could not get a pass rush on Drew Brees and Brees was was making the Bucs pay. The Bucs was shut out in the first half.

In the second half, Brady was getting smothered by the Bucs' defense. He had a hard time with getting into rhythm and had a couple of mistakes that went in favor for the Saints. The Bucs finally got on the board with a field goal late in the fourth quarter. When it was all said and done, the Bucs were outplayed, outmatched, and man handled by the Saints.

Brady finished the game with 209 yards and 3 interceptions.


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