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Brendan Fraser gets a huge win at the SAG Awards

It has been a long time coming for actor Brendan Fraser, but on Sunday, he was awarded a trophy for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role at the SAG Awards, for his performance in The Whale.

An emotional Fraser was very honored and grateful for the award and had this message to say. "This is good — a naked man making up his mind to smile or to frown, like an actor," Fraser said, referencing the statuette he had just won. "I will treasure this, but never more than what I treasured, that I used to keep in my wallet, which was my SAG card that I earned in 1991. It made me feel like I belonged. We're actors; we all want to belong a tribe. If you told that guy back then I'd be standing here right now, I wouldn't have believed you."

Fraser is 54 years old and has his ups and down, as we all do in life, but he kept moving forward. This win was very special, because it gave fans and people who want to break into the industry, the reality of what patience, dedication, and what the process could look like, if you remained focus on perfecting your craft.

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