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Bill Murray will be receiving the Maltin Modern Master Award for his outstanding career

Los Angeles- Iconic actor Bill Murray will be honored with the Maltin Modern Master Award during the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

The Santa Barbara International Film Festival committee decided that Bill Murray should be recognized for his devotion and dedication to the film industry. The Maltin Modern Master Award was established in 1995 and is given to the person who changed the culture and direction in the film industry.

“Bill Murray is one of a kind,” says Leonard Maltin. “He developed a comic persona early on that’s still as potent as ever, while expanding his reach and range as an actor. The boyish goofball in CADDYSHACK has become a playboy dad in ON THE ROCKS, with many dazzling and daring stops along the way. I have been an unabashed fan, from GHOSTBUSTERS to LOST IN TRANSLATION, so it is a privilege and honor to present Bill Murray with this year’s Maltin Modern Master Award.”


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