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Baltimore's defense put the clamps on the Bolts 34-6

Baltimore- In a game that was supposed to be a gun-slinging game, the Ravens' defense showed up against the Los Angeles Chargers.

After coming off a historical and thrilling victory on Monday Night Football, Lamar Jackson and crew had their eyes set on a big match-up with the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday. Football fans everywhere was saying that this game was going to be an offensive shootout with defense being a non-factor.

Baltimore hit the slot machine first and scored jackpot with a 12 play 90-yard drive, which resulted in a touchdown. Confidence started soaring high for the Ravens as they continued to bench press the Chargers' defense. From running stretch plays, bootlegs, and RPO plays, the Ravens' had LA scratching their heads trying to stop them. Baltimore scored another touchdown to go up 14-0 at the start of the second. Things got a little bit funky for the Ravens late into the second quarter. Jackson threw his first pick of the day, which set up the Chargers for a potential score. Two plays later, the Ravens saw their lead turn into 11 points after the Chargers scored a touchdown and missed a PAT, 17-6.

Baltimore walked into the locker room holding the lead, but frustration was hoovering around with concerns of their offensive line holding their water, 17-6. All of that went away at the start of the start of the second half. Devin Devernay scampered down the sideline for a 47-yard kick return, which put the Ravens in really good field position. Seven plays later, the Ravens scored another touchdown to almost put the game out of reach for the Chargers, 24-6. Justin Tucker hit a late field goal in the third to extend Baltimore's lead 27-6.

The Ravens stopped any productive drives that the Chargers were trying to channel in the fourth quarter and ran away with a very decisive victory.


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