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Baker Mayfield becomes first NFL player to become involved in CBD company

Baker Mayfield is an extraordinary player on the field, as well as off the field. As of Monday, he has decided to invest his time and effort with endorsing a CBD company called Beam. Mayfield is the first NFL player to invest with Beam and the third household name that is involved with the brand. Danica Patrick and golfer Billy Horschel have invested in Beam and want others to know how it can help individuals in the long run.

"Having Baker come on is a big moment for the company," Beam co-Founder & co-CEO Kevin Moran said.

The products that Beam will be producing wants it to be a healthier lifestyle for athletes. It will help athletes improve their sleep, performance, balance, and recovery. Mayfield feels like it can be a game changer for athletes and he is excited about the future of how CBD will be looked at when it is all said and done.

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