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  • Tarrian Rodgers

Bad Bunny will be wrestling in his hometown

International recording superstar and Grammy winning artist Bad Bunny has been a fixture in the WWE for the last few years. Bunny made his first appearance in a WWE ring in 2021. Bunny dazzled the crowd with his high aerial offense and his ability to take the tough bumps at Wrestlemania 37 against The Miz and John Morrison . Bunny is a natural in the ring the same way he is a natural on stage.

It only makes sense with the WWE coming to Bunny’s home in Puerto Rico to feature Bunny in a match. The build up the last month is that Bunny would host Backlash. Yesterday it was announced he will actually be competing in a 1 on 1 street fight match against another Puerto Rican wrestler Damian Priest.

Priest and Bunny go back a long way. Priest was one of the wrestlers who had helped Bunny train and he was his partner at Wrestlemania 37. The storyline shifted when Priest joined the heel group The Judgment Day and helped his partner Dominic Mysterio beat his hall of fame father Rey Mysterio. The rivalry seemed to culminate on the Raw after Wrestlemania where Priest choke slammed Bunny through the announce table.

Bunny was off TV “nursing” his injuries until the April 24 edition of "Raw" featured Damian Priest battling Rey Mysterio in the main event. Just when it looked like Mysterio was closing in on a victory, Priest threw a chair at the WWE Hall of Famers head. Priest proceeded to plant Mysterio with the South of Heaven, but before he could do damage. Bad Bunny finally arrived and made his way to the ring. Bunny hit Priest with a kendo stick after the assault Bunny made the announcement.

"Hey Damian, I don't know if you know, but I'm not hosting Backlash anymore," he began. "Now, I'm going to Puerto Rico to kick your ass. May 6, Backlash, en mi casa Puerto Rico. Damian Priest. Bad Bunny. In a Street Fight." This marks Bunny’s first singles match of his career and it couldn’t have come at a bigger time as WWE booked the biggest music star in the world in Puerto Rico.

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