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Ariel Helwani gets new show on Showtime sports platform

Former Combat sports reporter Ariel Helwani will be continuing his journey in sports media with a new platform in Showtime.

Showtime Sports has announced today that Helwani will have a new show, containing the latest topics in basketball topics, trends, athletes, as well as people who influences the sport. “Words can't express how excited I am to launch this show with SHOWTIME Sports,” Helwani said. “This is quite literally a dream come true for me. You see, my original plan, when I first attended Syracuse University back in 2001, was to be a basketball broadcaster – I have adored the game ever since I became a fan in the late 1980s. But when I realized every student had the same dream, I decided to focus my attention on the fight game. Over 20 years later, I'm thrilled to be realizing this goal and can't wait to get started. And what a time to do so with the playoffs just around the corner.”

“We are thrilled to bring Ariel’s passion, excitement and love for the NBA to SHOWTIME Basketball’s rapidly growing roster with some of the most prominent voices in the sport,” said Brian Dailey, SVP, Sports Programming & Content, Showtime Networks Inc. “Ariel’s unique perspective as a diehard fan first and foremost will add a new and important dynamic to the team. As his fans can attest, he is not just the cream of the crop when it comes to MMA journalism, he is one of the best interviewers in all of sports.”

His first episode will appear March 24 on all podcast platforms.

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