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Amanda Nunes will be one of the speakers during the 2021 espnW Summit NYC

New York- UFC Superstar Amanda Nunes will talk about more opportunities for women to advance in their careers during this years espnW Summit NYC May 13 at 2 PM, ET.

Nunes has been using her voice to talk about women equally, as well as how women can be inspired to go after their dreams. Nunes, as well as other speakers will have in-depth conversations about women empowerment, how COVID-19 affected them, as well as talk about how different organizations are opening more doors for women in the executive level. Like last years' summit, it will be virtual.

Interviews, photos and additional content will be posted to throughout the Summit. This year’s experience will again be livestreamed from start to finish and can be viewed by registering at, and via the ESPN App, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. For more information, follow their Twitter @espnW and #espnWsummit.

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