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Alex Morgan, Sue Bird, Simone Manuel and Chloe Kim launch women focused media platform

Seattle- Alex Morgan, Sue Bird, Simone Manuel, and Chloe Kim have decided that enough was enough and started their own platform to showcase women in sports and media.

In the course of America, women have not had a fair share of equality or enough exposure in sports and media. These four Olympians have decided that they were not going to settle for a seat at the table and started their own media platform called TOGETHXR, which will empower women in sports and media.

"This brand is certainly for this generation, it's for our co-founders and their teammates, and this collective women's sports landscape, but it's really for the next generation," chief content officer Jessica Robertson told CNN. "It's so young girls can see themselves reflected in the stories that we tell, that they have a place to go that feels like they're bigger than themselves, gives them something to aspire to, and to be seen and heard and recognized."


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