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Alabama returns to the National Championship, defeating the Bearcats 27-6

Before the clock struck midnight and a new year was welcomed in, the Alabama Crimson Tide had to make sure the Cinderella team in the Cincinnati Bearcats did not get a victory in the Cotton Bowl Classic and get a chance to play in the National Championship.

The game started off a little slow with Alabama keeping the offense on the ground..Brian Robinson was a wrecking ball for the team, which opened up some big plays though the air. By the end of the first half, Bama was doing Bama things and had a 17-0 lead over the Bearcats. At the start of the third, Cincinnati tried to make a game out of it and hit two field goals to dig themselves out of the huge hole they dug themselves in.

It looked like momentum was shifting slowly to the Cincinnati sideline late in the third,after Bryce Young threw an interception.However, Alabama's' defense challenged themselves and got out the jam. On their next possession, they rode Robinson's back and he put them in position to put the game out of reach. Robinson had a 20-yard scamper, which put the Crimson Tide in the redzone. A play later, Young threw his third touchdown of the night. In the fourth, Bama closed the casket on the Bearcats' season, tacking on a field goal, and making a statement in the victory.

Young finished 17/28 for 181, 3 touchdowns, and a pick.

Robinson had 26 carries for 204 yards

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