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Aja Wilson took over and finished with 30 points in a victory over the Liberty 94-82

Vegas- Aja Wilson dominated the New York Liberty and helped her team pull out a victory.

From start to finish, Wilson wanted to dominate the Liberty. She demanded the ball and made sure that she was effective on both sides of the ball. Wilson put a lot of pressure on the Liberty to guard her out on the block and that was just easy money for her. She was picking off Liberty defenders one by one with her sniper game. There wasn't anything the Liberty could do to stop her.

Outside of Wilson's 30 points, Liz Cambage put in 12 points in 24 minutes.The inside presence for the Aces contributed to the success over the Liberty. With under five minutes left in the game, the Aces shut down a 8-2 run by New York to come on top.

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