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Aces could not contain Diana Taurasi, as they were defeated by the Mercury, 117-91

Las Vegas- The Aces were confused with stopping Diana Taurasi and it led to a blowout loss to the Mercury.

You would figure, that the Aces would not let Taurasi be a factor for the Mercury on a bum ankle. That was a lie! It was one of those nights, that was epic for the Mercury and a huge blow for Las Vegas. Coming into Game 2 the Aces looked to take complete control of the series by going up 2-0, but they looked flat coming out the gate.

Majority of the first half, the Aces had to dig themselves out of a a double digit deficit. Liz Cambage and Kelsey Plum decided to take matters into their own hands and got the Aces back into the game. However, after cutting the Mercury's lead to single digits, DT pulled the Aces' card and showed them why she was a goated queen. DT was pulling up from heaven and drilling three point shots. Las Vegas tried to put a double team on her, which did not work. The basket got big to her and she was drilling big shot after big shot.

By the time the fourth quarter came, the Aces' looked like tired and was down big. After it was all said and done, the Aces lost their composure and now face a tie series.

DT finished with 37 points and became the oldest women's basketball player over 30 to score 30+.

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