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LSU's offense stalls in second half against Seminoles 45-24

The LSU Tigers started their season opener against Florida State in a very interesting and a game filled with a lot of defensive stops from both teams. Let's take it to the second quarter as the game was tied seven apiece. The defense for LSU forced three consecutive three and outs and forced an interception to stop a potential touchdown drive for the Seminoles. It was a matter of time before LSU got their money from the bank with a 2-yard touchdown run from Noah Cain, which extend their lead 14-7.

LSU did a good job for the most part for the rest of the half until the last two minutes. Maybe it was a lack of energy but in four plays, their defense allowed Florida State to score a touchdown down the gut of the Tigers' den. The Tigers attempted to put points on the board before the end of the second, but barely escaped a turnover, as Jayden Daniels was hit hard by an edge rusher. At first glanced, it looked like the bar jarred the ball out from the hit, but after a booth review, it was announced as an incomplete pass. Despite the scare, LSU marched the ball down the field and tacked on a field goal to go into the locker room with a 17-14.

LSU was a bit conservative majority of the second half. They tried to balance run and pass after the Seminoles scored a touchdown. It seemed like the Seminoles adjusted to LSU's offense and did not really allow LSU playmakers to be much effective. The Tigers shot themselves in the foot with penalties and dropped balls. Heading into the fourth quarter, LSU was down 24-17.

The word for LSU's defense in the fourth quarter was tired. The once bend don't break but bend defense was being broken down. LSU was gashed for a combination 50-yards on the ground as the Seminoles tried to put the hammer on the casket with another touchdown with 10 minutes left in regulation.

LSU' offense failed to get anything going until a touchdown that was meaningless at the end of the game to make it a somewhat competitive final score. Daniels finished 22 out of 37 for 347 yards, 1 pick, and 1 touchdown.


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