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  • Benjamin Gerstel

Yankees sign speedster OF Tim Locastro, to a one-year deal

The New York Yankees have officially signed outfielder Tim Locastro to a one year deal earlier today. Locastro, 29, has been a part of the Blue Jays, Dodgers, and Diamondbacks, before resigning with the New York Yankees.

Locastro was initially traded to New York last season, for Keegan Curtis, a pitcher in the minor leagues. However, a torn ACL cut Locastro’s season short, after he attempted to catch a fly ball off of Boston’s Alex Verdugo. After a stint in Boston via Free Agency, Locastro finds himself back in New York, and ready to make an impact.

Out of all the major leaguers (not just outfielders per say), Locastro is known to be one of, if not the fastest player in the entire league. Just last year, Locastro was clearly the fastest center fielder, and also was measured to have the second-fastest sprint speed in the major leagues. Locastro can hit up to 30.7 feet per second, and will provide a ton of speed for the Yankees organization. Whether it’s stealing bases, or covering a lot of ground on fly balls, Locastro can be a valuable piece moving forward for the Yankees.

Speaking of stealing bases, Locastro is also a maestro at this skill set. With Arizona, just three years ago, he led the entire MLB in stolen base percentage. His 17 stolen bases extended his previous career record to 22 in 2019. In this same season, Locastro was also awarded with the fastest sprint speed of any major leaguer, with 30.8 feet per second.

Locastro is a threat whenever he gets on base, and will be able to soak up some space in the outfield for New York with his wheels. Thankfully, the Yankees have retained his skills for the entire year. With tons of rumors swirling around about guys like Freedie Freeman and Carlos Correa, this will likely be just one of the first few dominoes to fall in New York during Free Agency.

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