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  • Tiffany Rigby

Xavien Howard and the Dolphins agree to a deal

Miami- Dolphins and cornerback Xavien Howard have been having a disagreement on his

new contract for a while. Both parties have finally come together and worked out the hiccups.

Howard agreed to a restructured contract on Sunday.

“We’re excited,” coach Brian Flores said. “We want all sides to be happy. We wanted him here

and he’s here."

The Dolphins and Howard reached a compromise in which Howard would receive a potential $4

million in new incentives for 2021 and more guaranteed money for 2022. Previously, his

$12.375 million salary in 2022 wasn’t guaranteed at all, now $6.775 million of that salary is

guaranteed. And the entire salary is guaranteed for 2022 if he sustains a serious injury this


"I wouldn’t say there was much level of concern. On our side, there definitely were

concessions.. Any negotiation, compromise is important. We want both sides to be happy and

that’s the case right now” said Coach Flores.

This agreement comes after Howard made a social media post about his request to be traded

from the team. Howard has been on the team for the past five years. But believed he should be

earning more. Howard was back on the field with the team on Saturday for training camp.

Howard's agent, David Canter, thanked the Dolphins for "doing something unexpected and

difficult to say the least.''

Howard led the NFL with 10 interceptions and 20 passes. He has 22 interceptions and 55

passes defended since entering the league out of Baylor in 2016

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