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Women in sports are making noise around the NFL League

On Sunday, the Washington Football Team and the Cleveland Browns will be making NFL history with having two women coaches coaching on opposite sides of the field, as well as a woman who will be officiating the game. This is a milestone for all women around the globe that there is representation around the NFL.

Jen Welter was the first woman who paved the way for women to be seen as coaches on the field. In 2015, she was the Arizona Cardinals assistant coaching intern. Another woman, who shares the same type of representation with Welter, but is the first African American woman who coached for the NFL is Collette Smith. Smith intern for the New York Jets in 2017. Other women have followed in their respective footsteps and have made it possible that diversity, inclusion, and leadership should be in the NFL no matter your gender or skin complexion.

Jennifer King, Callie Brownson, and Sarah Thomas have put in the time, dedication, and overcame the obstacles that were thrown at them. On Sunday, each of these women will make a grand entrance into the NFL record books.

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