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  • Phil Jones

What The U.S. Is Doing To Face The Omicron Variant

Dr. Fauci explains the level of concern of the Omicron variant with a large number of mutations.

There are 208 confirmed cases around the world and 3 in the US. The Omicron variant is

different from the other variants that have been found. The transmission may have increased

compared to the original. So far if you’re vaccinated,boostered and exposed to the Omicron

variant, reports of mild symptoms and fast recovery have been the case. Dr. Fauci urges that

you get vaccinated it will likely still protect you from severe complications.

With this new variant coming from South Africa, no unusual symptoms have been reported. As of right now the best ways to fight the Omicron variant is to get vaccinated and if you have been vaccinated for 6 months look to get the booster shot. US citizens should look to maintain wearing a mask indoors, avoid crowded and poorly ventilated spaces and wash your hands often.

If you feel that you may have been exposed get a Covid-19 at home test kit and isolate if you have been exposed. President Joe Biden announced on Thursday that Americans with private health insurance will be reimbursed fo Covid-19 at-home test kit. Finally, international travelers will now be required to undergo a stricter Covid-19 test screening.

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